DOG BOARDING KENNELS Where sleeping dogs love to lie

Opening Hours

9.00am to 5.00pm

Inspection Times

11:00am to 2.00pm
(no appt required)

Public and School Holidays exempted

Boarding kennels Frankston

Want to let your dog know what running freely in the open and socializing with other dogs feels like? Then bring him to us at Stirling Lodge Boarding Kennels.

Unleash your dog's capabilities

The daily 30 minutes walk in the park with your dog may not always be a moment of fun and pleasure when you always need to have it on a leash and make sure that it is not a danger to other people around. Boarding kennels are among the rare places when you can remove that leash from your dog and let it roam around freely. Activities such as running after balls and sticks and bringing them back have been known to not only be an enriching physical activity but also a stress-buster. Twenty-one spacious exercise areas are available for your dog to play around and if you allow it, your dog will even have the opportunity to play with other dogs at the facility.

We are in the Frankston area so come and discover this innovative concept that we are offering.